Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The all boys love the park! We call this the "spider swing"...both boys in the same swing. They love it! Davis wears rain boots almost everyday...rain or shine. He is really in to bugs and dinosaurs right now. He loves to find frogs, snails, worms, etc. It seems like he has gone from a toddler to a little boy overnight. He is such a loving, compassionate little boy. Harrison is also very tender-hearted. As a baby, Davis would smile when you told him "no". Harrison cries. At the same time, he is very physically strong. He rarely cries when he falls or gets hurt. He is a great little climber. His name means"protector"...sooo fitting!

Pure Sugar!

Some days being a mom feels tiring and a little overwhelming. Today was NOT one of those days. All day I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I have such amazing little boys and a super amazing husband. To quote a great song...."who could ask for anything more?"