Monday, June 14, 2010

A few more of sweet little Bailey!

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It is such a happy week for our we have a tiny new princess! My new little niece is perfect! You know that new baby smell?!awww! There is nothing in this world like a brand new baby. We are soooo happy for Christina and Adam....and for the rest of us...who get to spoil her! Welcome to the world Bailey Annabelle! We love you so much already! (:

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Friday, June 11, 2010


Random assortment of pictures from the past few weeks. Harrison is definitely a people person! He has the sweetest disposition and continues to be "walking sunshine". He is so precious! Davis continues to be my brave little scientist. He enjoyed t-ball this season...especially the getting a trophy part...but is even more in love with dinosaurs and dissecting things....must get that part from his daddy! I am so blessed to have such loving, kind-hearted little boys.

Monday, May 24, 2010


a few pics of cute Alexander for Tracy!

Pop Pop!

I just wanted to be sure this one got special it! Love both of these sweet, silly guys!
Dearest Pop Pop,
Even though you almost made me wet my pants when you brought Davis the dinosaur...THE ALMOST DEAD remember...the one in a paper bag that he wanted to keep....the one that was warm and still twitching from time to are still the greatest! We love you so much, are so thankful for you, and wouldn't trade you for any other Pop Pop in the world!

spring 2010

Here are a few more Spring pics of my little sweeties (and 1 big sweetie)!

Christina's Baby Shower

Here are some pics from Christina's baby shower. I can't believe baby Bailey will be here in only a few short weeks....or sooner!